Swimsuit Essentials 2020


Swimsuit Essentials 2020


1. Pick a Swimsuit that fits your style, body and budget

2. Find A Suncreen that works best for you.

3. Beach bags are a must.

4. Beach Towels always comes in handy


1. Pick a Swimsuit that fits your style, body, and budget
 I know looking for the perfect swimsuit can be tough when your shopping online. I consider finding a swimsuit to be an essential piece of your closet necessaries. A rule of thumb when buying online, pay attention to the past purchases of clothing you made that you didn’t fall in love with (this includes the style and fit). This will give you a great idea of what style make you feel amazing and what didn’t. In terms of fit, the best way to find what style or fit (whether it makes you feel like Rihanna or Beyonce). Try on a couple of swimsuits in a store or old swimsuits in your closet. Then, go online to your favorite boutique to browse for the style that you envision. Most people prefer simple solid styles for women’s swimsuits since it compliments all curves. I honestly only shop for simple styles that I know will always fit and compliment my body (yes, to feel like Rihanna going down the runway). Another tip is to look for reviews on any swimsuits you like (based on your style) or I should say your “go-to/favorite” bathing suit. Now, this leaves me to cover budget-friendly swimsuits. Considering the wide range of swimsuits on the market from high end to fast fashion, I prefer to purchase swimsuits that fit my budget, which is any from $25 to $40 (includes shipping). I found the quality to be slightly different from high end, but the fit matters to me the most. I know most women struggle to find their perfect one-piece swimsuit due to torso being too long or short. Also Bikini Set can be difficult to find due to larger bust areas, I can totally related to both. So Bellaa Boutique made it easy for me to get a bikini set and one-piece swimsuit that matches all my needs, which includes the perfect fit. Now, this part is where you do a little research to find your favorite bikini set or one-piece swimsuit, but trust me it worth putting some time to get it right for you!
Black Bikini Set
All Black High Waist Bikini Set 
2. Find A Sunscreen that works best for you.
Now, I love a good sunscreen that doesn’t leave a white residue or cause harsh suntans when I’m at the beach or on vacation in the Caribbean. The best sunscreen that works for me personally is the Elta Suncreen. A little background about my skin condition is acne-prone and super sensitive. This sunscreen works so well for me. Thank me later and Please read the reviews to see what I’m cheering on about.
Sunscreen is another necessity for your swimsuit essentials 2020. We all need to be protected from the sun and try to cause minimal damage to our skin over the summer. Time for you to invest in the perfect sunscreen that works for your skin type.
3. Beach bags are a must.
 Beach bags are a must seems like an understatement. It’s definitely a great accessory to keep all your belong when going to the beach or even riding your bike on a sunny day out. This can hold your favorite beauty product, beach towel and please don’t forget the sunscreen. You can also put additional bikinis if your considering going out all day. Below you can see some styles and prices range that are super cute for summer 2020.
4. Beach Towels always comes in handy
Beach towels are becoming super popular with designs and cuts that are offered online to match anyone’s aesthetic. I’m in love with the round beach towels because their super easy to carry around and stylish. Let's be honest here, No one wants to go to the beach empty-handed. Beach towels make easier to enjoy a nice tan session in the sun (of course with sunscreen on) with some friends. If you want to spice things up for the summer, you can purchase unique beach towels on Amazon.
Also, a little bit about So Bellaa Boutique has to offer below:
So Bellaa Boutique offers one of a kind women’s swimwear for you to make a statement that compliment your curves. Our wide selection covers all the swimsuit essentials from bikini tops, bikini bottoms one pieces and cover ups. All our pieces are hand selected and dedicated to all curves with varies sizes and styles.
Find the PERFECT women's swimsuit, where we make it really easy for you to choose any two piece bikini set and one piece swimsuit. Put together any styles for any special vacation, occasion, or going for a swim at your favorite beach. We offer free shipping in the United States to take advantage of our amazing styles. We make you a priority and cover all the basis of swimsuit necessities such as Triangle Bikini Tops, Bandeau Bikini Tops, Bralette Bikini Tops, Ribbed Bikini Tops and more. Whatever style your seeking, We Got You! We also offer a great range of one piece swimsuits for more coverage and versatile to meet your summer beach looks.
Be your own fashion icon and mix & match all summer beach looks from our wide selection of swimsuits and cute swim coverups.

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